Project Hope for Africa

Diego Fuentes, TOP, Spain

CEO of Tourism Optimizer Platform (TOP), specialists in the GITT sector (Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism)

Tourism Optimizer Platform (TOP) is the technological platform specialized in Governmental travels by helping them, as well as suppliers, working with bodies and people carrying out these trips (diplomatic chancellery, ministries, international organizations and institutions, constitutional bodies, etc.).

This project has been developed by TOP as a UNWTO – United Nations World Tourism Organization – Affiliate Member the agency of the United Nations in charge of promoting tourism in a sustainable and accessible way. Its first goal is to achieve that tourism helps to the global growth and development of tourism destinations.

After more than ten years involved in the management of governmental travels, a skilled and highly experienced team has set up TOP, which main purpose is to handle the difficulties related to Governmental and High Institutional travels. To achieve this goal, TOP has designed a technological platform exclusive for Governments and High Institutions.

Governmental and Institutional travels involve special requirements and necessities that make them different from other trips, such as security needs, protocol, management, etc., due to the very nature of this typology of clients and the services themselves.