Project Hope for Africa

Kasha Shillington, Resense Spa S.A., Switzerland

Chairman and CEO of Resense S.A., a global spa & wellness company headquartered in Switzerland. Kasha was Managing Director of Raison d’Etre and a director on property, energy & tourism infrastructure boards in Australia. Tertiary qualified in property economics and applied finance, Kasha led the creation and development of some of Australia’s significant mixed-use property & infrastructure developments.

She has spent many years living in diverse countries such as India, Mauritius and Maldives where her philanthropic pursuits improved opportunities for education in rural villages and her interest in holistic therapies and wellness began. A finalist in the Telstra Australia Businesswomen’s Awards at 26 and the youngest director appointed to the board of Multiplex at 27, her wide-ranging experience and genuine interest in helping people has enabled Resense to realise a vision of creating industry leading optimisation tools and delivering exceptional guest experience and commercial performance in their 50+ spa & wellness facilities around the world.